An international reach
thanks to Cornis systems
and trained technicians
available all over the world.


External blade inspection
with Cornis Panoblade

An innovative technology
adapted to all types of onshore
and offshore turbines
no matter the model, size and power.


Internal blade inspection
with Cornis Intrablade

An internal inspection solution
for offshore and onshore blades
to inspect the inside
of your blade safely and in a record time.


Cornis Blade Manager
the online blade
data management tool

Your blade data is accessible online
through a secured platform
to help you plan O&M decisions.

Life cycle, root to tip blade management

Wind turbine blade inspections made easy

User-friendly, cost and time efficient tools to make blade inspections easier on site. All Cornis tools are standardized, made both for onshore and offshore turbines and for external (Cornis Panoblade) and internal inspections (Cornis Intrablade).


A precise follow-up of the status of your blades over time

Your blade data is processed, analyzed, centralized and easily accessible online on Cornis Blade Manager. Turn your blade data into concrete O&M decisions!


A flexible model

From the full service to independence option, you've got the choice. Train your technicians to internalize our tools or call upon our own technicians if you prefer. As data processing expert, Cornis can take care of all kind of blade data. Contact us!

They trust Cornis