Internal Blade Inspections Made Easy!

Just like Panoblade, Intrablade is the first step to a standard, precise and cost-efficient blade follow-up over time.

The Intrablade system is a HD photographic system allowing a 360° capture of the internal parts of the blades with no missing points. Deployed into cavities, by technicians trained by Cornis, it allows safe and precise internal inspections.

Advantages of the Intrablade Solution


Intrablade is really quick to set up and allows a scan of the internal sides of the blade in a record time: 2 to 3 hrs per turbine when other methods can take a full day.

Safety Safety

Intrablade reduces work in confined space to its minimum. An Intrablade inspection requires only one technician in the hub and another in the nacelle to manipulate the rotor: no one inside the blade!


Our acquisition process is simple and we can train your technicians to use Intrablade on all type of turbines onshore and offshore no matter the model, the size and power.

Loupe Precision

Intrablade system relies on HD imagery and offers an insight of the blades deeper than any other existing method. All the defects identified online, by our experts or yours, are measured and localized from the hub.


The complete inside of the blades is scanned. After the processing, the data is centralized on Cornis Blade Manager, our online platform dedicated to blade data. They remain available at any time.

Data Management

Following-up the blade status is made easy. You can link your results with Panoblade external inspections, with other inspection methods, with your repair reports more. Many features have been developed to help you to take the best O&M decision!

Online_expertise Online Expertise

With Intrablade, no need to mobilize blade experts long hours inside the blades, the assessment is done online on our web-based platform.

How Does It Work?

Blade Inspection with Intrablade is a simple 3-step process:

Data Acquisition

The Intrablade system is deployed in every cavity to fully scan the inside of the blades.

Data Processing

The quality and the stitching of the pictures are enhanced thanks to our algorithms. Both our technical team and computers work for you.

Online Expertise and Reporting

The defects are identified and commented online by navigating on the surface of the blades on our web-based platform. You can download PDF, Excel or JPEG exports at any time. You can also use our platform to share the inspection results with your colleagues and third parties.

A flexible model depending on your needs:

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Our Client References

We work worldwide with all actors in the onshore and offshore wind industry: turbines manufacturers, utility companies, independent service providers specialized in inspections and/or repairs. Find below some of our clients and read their testimonials:


"As the very first company to have used Cornis technology, we are very happy we trusted and advised them. The approach and solutions offered by Cornis for the monitoring and inspection of wind turbines blades are helpful for the whole industry."

Exploitation Support Manager,

Eoleres France


"It is an outstanding experience working together on CORNIS projects. You really live the spirit of a start-up but at the same time you are truly professional in the services you provide."

Head of Sales,

Reetec Allemagne


"I would like to thank you for the flexibility and the great job Cornis did on Northwind. We are very satisfied about the performance and the result of the blade-inspections on Northwind."

Technical Coordinator,

MHI Vestas Benelux


"In maintenance terms, wind turbine blades are often referred to as the new gearbox. The launch of our service based on Cornis camera marks a milestone in the evolution of the operations and maintenance market and, for the first time, gives owners and operators a credible means through which they can assess and manage the long-term condition of wind turbine blades. [...] We believe that with the Cornis Blade Inspection camera system we can achieve these combined goals and achieve significant budget savings simultaneously."

General Manager,

Greensolver UK


"We have been working with Cornis for over a year, having taken the decision to invest in their panoblade inspection system and have since collaborated on a number of projects across Europe. The technology is market leading and provides our blade teams with the ability to assess damage in record time and to a high level of image definition, sufficient to meet the highest of O&M requirements. We are able to profile a whole wind park in a matter of weeks rather than months (using traditional methods), allowing us to focus on blade repairs and maintaining the power curve for our clients. Cornis provides us with excellent support throughout the whole process."

General Manager,

GEV Offshore Ltd UK


“Since purchasing the Panoblade system in early 2015 Natural Power has undertaken a number of onsite inspections within Europe – the support received from Cornis is greatly appreciated and the speed of their data processing provides our clients with a detailed understanding of potential defects within a relatively short timeframe. Natural Power looks forward to working in conjunction with Cornis to develop further business opportunities to a worldwide market."

Senior Construction Project Manager,

Natural Power UK