Newsletter #1: September 2014

Cornis Blade Inspection

High resolution photographic blade inspection from the ground

Dear clients and partners,

We are very happy to introduce Cornis quarterly newsletter. We will keep you up to date on our latest news and developments.
Main news these past months include:

  • Getting close to 1 000 blades inspected with Cornis
  • Cornis Blade inspection, data acquisition now 30% faster
  • Cornis has inspected blades in 8 countries this summer
  • We will be attending the coming wind industry events (Hamburg Wind Energy, 5ème Colloque National Eolien,  Rencontres Windustry, etc).

As technology providers, we give you smart tools to perform precise blade inspections from the ground while reducing inspection and immobilization costs. By the end of 2014, approximately 1 000 blades will have been inspected with Cornis system in onshore and offshore conditions.

Thanks to the trainings we deliver, more than 50% of our clients now do the scanning of their blades themselves, all over the world. This summer, Cornis system has been used for blade inspections in France, United-Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Greece and in the United-States.

In order to keep up with your needs, we are regularly upgrading our solution. For instance the latest version of Cornis Panoblade field software is now available: The picture acquisition process is now two times faster, enabling you to reduce by 30% the overall inspecting time per turbine.

o you want to know more about our recent developments? Do not hesitate to contact us directly on our personal emails:
Thibault Gouache
Jessica Gbegnon

Let's meet up directly! We’ll be attending the following events:
- Hamburg Wind Energy, Hambourg, September 24
- 5ème Colloque National Eolien, Paris, September 2
- Rencontres Windustry, Lille, October 6

You can also send inquiries via our website
We look forward to collaborating with you,
Cornis team.

Cornis Blade Inspection: A simple 3-step process:


1- Data acquisition
2- Data Processing
3- Online expertise