Newsletter #10: May 2017

Cornis: Life cycle, root to tip blade management

Dear clients and partners,

We’re very happy to start this new inspection season with you. This one begins the best way possible with Panoblade systems deployed on three continents, drone campaigns on the rise and a quick deployment of the Intrablade system for internal inspection of the blades.

The first days of spring have allowed us to train new technicians from many clients such as EON Offshore, La Compagnie du Vent, Multi Blade Service, GE and H2air. Thanks to them for joining the Panoblade technician community. Thanks also to our historical technicians and clients who renew their trust with more and more wind farms inspected with our solutions.

Cornis is really proud to face these challenges with you and to support you daily in your blade inspection and data management strategies. We’re at your disposal to improve our products and services!
      The French operator H2air in training on April 3rd

Quicker and more precise: Panoblade evolves!
Following our commitment to continuously improve our tools, we’ve launched the new Panoblade version equipped with a Canon 5D Mark IV camera (replacing the 5D Mark III). Since April 1st, Cornis is only selling this version.
The upgrading of Panoblade with the 5D Mark IV allows significant improve-ments regarding pictures' quality and inspection speed. Indeed, the new Panoblade version will increase the resolution of the pictures from 22.3 to 30.4 megapixels. Another good news, on the field the new system will help you save time: up to 15 minutes per inspection – one more turbine inspected per day!

Owners of a Cornis Panoblade system with a 5D Mark III, please contact us if you want to change your camera. We’ll send you the last update of the Panoblade software.

Finally, our users who wish to keep the 5D Mark III version can be reassured, regardless the camera used (5D Mark III or 5D Mark IV), the Cornis Panoblade system stays one the best solutions for a quick, precise and economic scan of your onshore and offshore blades.

Cornis Blade Manager last upgrade now helps you with the decision-making

The Cornis Blade Manager platform evolves and gets new features. We’re pleased to present you here “Repair or not” and “Cornis Mark”.

Repair or not
After the export of your inspection reports you can now indicate the next steps for every defect:
  • Archive
  • Monitor
  • Repair
This new feature helps the O&M decision-making, post inspection follow-up and planning of the next actions to perform on the blades. This is a real decision-making tool and we’re sure that it will make your work easier.
   In the display window of each defect you can now indicate the next actions you consider

Cornis Mark
We’ve also worked on the creation of different indicators, the “Cornis Mark”, to have a better vision of the quality of inspections regardless the acquisition method used: Cornis Panoblade, Cornis Intrablade, drones, other camera systems etc.

For example, it’s now possible to know the precise duration of each inspection, the size of the pixels on the blade (so the size of the visible defects) and the overlapping of the images taken. These indicators allow a quality control of the different inspection campaigns and a better follow-up of the performance of your team on the field. They also allow a comparison between different inspection methods and between different actors on site.

The goal of Cornis Mark is to supply to our clients reliable, measurable and unbiased indicators to manage efficiently their inspection campaigns, their partners in order to gain in productivity, cost and quality. We can only improve what we measure!
Example of the inspection duration: this indicator allows a precise understanding of the distribution of the inspection duration (pictures' capture “Blade Scan”, turbine manipulation “Inter Scan”, autofocus of the camera “Scan Correction”) and so the potential points of improvement in order to be more productive on the field. 
Let’s meet!
We’ll be attending different events, please feel free to contact us to set up a meeting:
- All Energy, May 10-11th in Glasgow, UK
- AEWA Wind Power, May 22-25th in Anaheim, USA
- Offshore Wind Energy, June 5-6th  in London, UK