Newsletter #11: July 2017

Cornis: Life cycle, root to tip blade management

Dear Clients and Partners,
Summer season is always a crucial time in the wind industry with many inspections and repair campaigns to coordinate on site. Like every year, Cornis team is mobilized all summer to help you with your inspections and data processing needs. Feel free to contact us.
Summertime is also a vacation time for many of us, we wish you great holidays! See you in September for new challenges all around the world!
And a nice summer to all!
Visit our LinkedIn page for more pictures of Cornis on site. Feel free to send us your pictures taken during Cornis inspections, we’ll be happy to include them in our “Cornis on Tour” posts.

Cornis will be “speaker” during the Blade O&M Forum in Dallas and the Blade Inspection Forum in Brussels!

Cornis is proud to announce that we will speak during the Blade O&M Forum in Dallas from September 19th to 21st and during the Blade Inspection Damage & Repair in Brussels from October 10th to 12th.

As the expert of blade inspections and O&M data management technologies, Cornis will introduce some of our main achievements in those field.  And to do so what a better opportunity than during the Blade O&M Forum and the Blade Inspection Damage & Repair Forum?!
We will present a Business Case - “Let the blade data talk!” - about managing, utilizing and mostly understanding all your blade data via our web-based platform Cornis Blade Manager.
For example, do you know that we have already processed more than 1 million pictures on our web platform? And that more than 100 000 defects have been identified online by your experts and ours?
We can’t wait to show you more during these two events. Contact us to organize a meeting there, we’ll be glad to discuss!

Our offer is evolving, www.cornis.fr too!

As you know, Cornis is now offering a complete range of solutions for inspection and O&M data management.
Visit www.cornis.fr to have a look at our latest developments. You’ll see the updates on Panoblade, our ground-based inspection system, Intrablade our internal inspection system and on Blade Manager our web-based platform.
Blade Manager has deeply changed these past months to become a real data management tool for blade O&M images. You can now centralize and process all your blade data on Blade Manager (complete scans, inspection and repair reports, isolated pictures etc.). The platform allows you to manage your operations on site thanks to features helping you following your inspections but also the repairs done on every identified defect.
We remain available should you need further details on our solutions.

Let’s meet!

We’ll be at the following events, contact us to organize a meeting:
- Blade O&M Forum, September 19-21th in Dallas, USA
- Colloque National Eolien, September 19-20th in Paris, France
- Blade Inspection Damage & Repair, October 10-12th in Brussels, Belgium

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