Newsletter #12: October 2017

An exciting Autumn for Cornis

Dear clients and partners,
The launch of the Fall season was filled by many events such as the participation to the French Wind Conference (France), the Husum Wind (Germany), the Blade Forums (US and Belgium) and the CanWEA (Canada). Just like the previous years, we wanted to meet you off-site to gather your suggestions, upcoming needs and to present our latest news. It was worth it! Thank you for the great decisions taken during those events.
One notable event was also the opening of a Cornis office in the US where many inspections and training are already planned. Let's not forget our Canadian and South American clients neither: The first Cornis training will take place in the next weeks.

For all queries regarding the use of Cornis tools in North and South America, Julia Fourquin - julia.fourquin@cornis.fr - remains your main contact. Do not hesitate to contact her!

Last but not least, we are very happy to see that all the Cornis eco-system - clients, internal team, sub-contractors, partners, blade experts - is still very solicited this autumn. Indeed, the flexibility of our tools allows you to inspect your blades well beyond the spring/summer season.


"Let the Blade Data Talk!"

Cornis was invited to present our solutions for the first time at the Blade Inspection and Damage Repair forums that took place in Dallas and Brussels recently. The presentations tilted "Let the Blade Data Talk" showed our latest developments:
  • Measuring  the performance of the teams and tools deployed on your parks
  • Optimizing the blade expertise process by utilizing Artificial Intelligence
  • Generating Statistics  on your blades and wind farms 
We are convinced those progresses will help you at all stages of the blade management process: 
  • Standardize blade inspection and repair data
  • Get quality data to better assess blade defects
  • Take the associated O&M decisions
  •  Learn, adjust and anticipate for the following years
Not to worry if you missed the presentations! We'll be happy to present our developments in more details and to see how they apply to your blade strategy. Let's plan a meeting or a phone call here!

From Wind to Solar, there's only one step!

In addition to Cornis blade inspections, this is also a large solar inspection campaign that we are working on. As you already know, Cornis technology is applicable to all kind of infrastructures.

We heard your inquiries regarding solar O&M and this is with no hesitation that we have decided to adapt or production chain to the processing of your solar data.

We can't wait to tell you more!

Let's meet!

We will attend the below events. Feel free to contact us and we will arrange a meeting.
  • Power Mexico, October 31 - November 1st, Mexico, Mexico 
  • EWEA, November 28 to 30, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Wind O&M Canada, December 4 to 5, Toronto, Canada