Newsletter #3: March 2015

Bye bye winter, welcome spring!

How are you preparing this new blade inspection season? 

Dear clients and partners,
Spring is finally here and with it comes the 2015 blade inspection/repair season. At Cornis, we have been busy making sure our clients will be able to deliver faster yet precise blade inspections with Cornis Blade Inspection solution:

  • V3.2 of Cornis Panoblade field system is available since February 2015
  • Improved user experience when navigating on Cornis web-based platform 
  • Around 50 clients’ technicians trained to use our tools autonomously in 10 countries

This winter marked a new step in the development of our tools. Version 3.2 of Cornis Panoblade field system is now available: Among various upgrades, you can now immediately report and send the picture of a suspicious zone while scanning your blades. Cornis web interface – your online inspection and data management platform – has also been redesigned to help you navigate even more easily over your blades. It is exciting for us to make you enjoy these new features at no additional costs

Winter 2015 was also the occasion for Cornis to train your technicians to the use of Cornis Panoblade field System.

Why won’t you give it a try?

No matter the country and whether it’d be onshore or offshore turbines, we train your technicians in 1 to 2 days maximum. Once you are autonomous on field, you will reduce the costs of a Cornis Blade Inspection by 2! 

round 50 technicians are now trained in all Europe and in the USA. We are very proud we can rely on an increasing number of partners. 

And you, how are you preparing the blade inspection season? Do not hesitate to contact us:
Thibault Gouache
Jessica Gbegnon
Let's meet!

We’ll be attending the following events:
- 4th Thetis EMR event, May 20th, 21st, Nantes
- Global Offshore Wind 2015, June 24th, 25th, London