Newsletter #4: June 2015

Summer, offshore wind power

Dear clients and partners,

Over the past newsletters, we often mentioned the use of Cornis Blade Inspection technology on offshore turbines, but this time, we thought it was time to give you a more detailed insight. Indeed, Cornis Panoblade field system is also compatible for offshore turbines and just like in onshore, our 3 key words are:  time-efficiency, quality and safety

Offshore, Cornis hardware is used directly from the transition piece of the machine.  Cornis staff, trained clients and subcontractors place it very close to the turbine tower (see picture) directly under the rotor. Because our high powered camera is mounted on a motorized head with a 360° rotation, it can easily go and point the hub of the blade, the tip of the blade and scan the entire blade. No missing zones: Pressure side, suction side, leading edge and trailing edge are systematically scanned without having to move Cornis system around
We know that time is even more critical offshore as heavy logistic and more weather standby fees apply. Thanks to our standardized procedure, the scanning phase takes in between 1hr to 2,5hrs per turbine. Ask our clients: a minimum of 3 to 4 turbines can be inspected in a day. On the better days we scan 5 turbines a day including the long boat time to and from the shore to the park!

Faster inspections does not mean less precise inspections! With Cornis ground-based system, defects under a millimeter are identified and automatically measured and located on the blade to better guide you in your repair campaigns.

Just like you, safety is one of our main concerns. You can count on us to provide you with Cornis technicians fully certified to work offshore. We also help keep your technicians safe on the transition piece, reduce to its minimum any direct intervention on the blade and work at heights.

Since April 2015, already 120 offshore turbines have been inspected with our tools  for large utility companies and turbine manufacturers.
What about you? It is still time to inspect your onshore/offshore wind parks before the summer repair campaign. Simply contact us via Depending your needs, we’ll either train your technicians or mobilize a team.

Let’s meet! 
We will be onsite all over the world with you, onshore and offshore.
Thank you for your continued confidence in Cornis!
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