Newsletter #7: April 2016

Ready. Set. GO!

Dear clients and partners,
The 2016 spring/summer blade inspection campaigns have started in the onshore and offshore wind industry, and we at Cornis, We are of course fully ready. We know that inspecting your blades during the spring season allows you to plan repairs in summertime if needed, thus securing and improving even more your wind farms’ performance during windier days.

Cornis technology explained by clients

It is always interesting to know what the outcome of a Cornis Blade Inspection is for you. What are the actions engaged after you get a Cornis report? How Cornis tools are integrated into your blade program?
When Cornis technology rhythms with Performance for EDF EN
Last March, EDF EN held its O&M Partner Summit. For 2 days, “performance” was the key word and during one afternoon, EDF’s experts were able to present to VIPs attendees their use of Cornis tools through concrete business cases. Sur toute une après-midi, les experts EDF ont pu présenter la valeur ajoutée des outils Cornis à travers des études de cas concrètes. By working with Cornis for 3 years now, EDF EN has inspected more than 400 wind turbines in 6 countries

What E.ON Sweden has to say about [Cornis] wind turbine blade inspection
In the below video, you’ll see: E.ON blade specialist share the company’s experience with [Cornis] ground-based inspection.  From 2:05min, she says «You have a camera standing on the ground, below the blades, which means that you have a camera about 70 to 80 meters away from what it is taking a picture of. The pictures are stitched together to one big photo that you can zoom in on all the way down to very, very small details. I can actually see a pinhole on a leading edge, for example, which is one of the things I’m interested in» .

One confirmed trend: internalization of Cornis Blade Inspection

One trend we have seen in the last months is the significant increase in the internalization of Cornis Blade Inspection Solution – by training technicians to our Panoblade system and choosing Cornis acquisition or rental option. That willingness to take over blade inspection is confirmed from every region of the world and you are right to do so! Once a technician is trained to Cornis technology, he/she is 
Once a technician is trained to Cornis technology, he/she is autonomous in all wind parks, in all countries. If you own our system, you can easily plan your inspections and be quicker on the field. You’re also less weather dependent.
That being said, those preferring the full-service option can be reassured!
You can count on our team of international Cornis trained technicians to mobilize very quickly to any of your sites.

Cornis data management platform

Because blades are one of the most valuable assets of a turbine, they need close monitoring all along their lifespan. To do so efficiently, we all agree that not one blade inspection method is necessary, but a combination of all.

This is why with Cornis web-based platform, we keep working hard to help you have the full blade history in a central location. For a single wind turbine,
we offer you to see all events of the blades: from the Cornis Blade Inspection to the repair report and including other ground-based methods, internal blade inspections, rope or nacelle access, drones, climbing robots! Just send us your data and we’ll process, expertise and report them just like we do with pictures acquired with Cornis Panoblade system.

Let's meet!

Let’s arrange a date and time for a meeting, we’ll be attending the following events:
- Hannover Messe,  25-29 April, Hannover, Germany
- 2nd International Conference Wind Turbine Rotor Blade O&M, 19-21 April, Bremen, Germany
- All Energy, 4-5 May, Glasgow, UK
- AWEA Wind Power, 23-26 May, New Orleans, LA, USA
- Fleet Monitoring & Data Analysis Conference, May 25th, Berlin, Germany
- Global Offshore Wind 2016, 21-22 June, Manchester, UK