Newsletter #8: September 2016 
Dear clients and partners,
Cornis Blade Inspection 2016 summer campaign has been a real success! Since January 2016, more than 2 000 wind turbines have been inspected by our tools and it includes 20% of the total offshore wind turbines installed in the world! We’d like to give a special thanks to all our clients and partners for their confidence and recognition of our work. 

Clients testimonials

As mentioned a few weeks ago by DONG Energy and RES on LinkedIn, Cornis Panoblade system allows clients to inspect their blades from the ground thanks to a quick yet precise scan of the full surfaces of the blades.
Translation: "RES (France) [Live from our wind farms] Today we perform Cornis blade inspections at Pays de Saint Seine wind farm in Bourgogne region. You can call upon RES for the management and optimization of your assets: For more info on Cornis:"

Every angles of your blades!

Like we announced in a previous newsletter, Cornis web-based platform is open to a large variety of blade data.  This spring/summer was a fantastic time to start new exciting projects with you. We are sharing below a few of them:

Drone blade inspections processing

In addition to Panoblade ground-based camera, UAV based inspections are another good example of fast and safe inspections.

Working with a Danish offshore OEM who used both Panoblade camera and drone inspections last spring, we have processed   the data of almost 350 offshore turbines in a record time. The inspections results are displayed together with existing Panoblade data.

OEMs, utilities, ISPs or drone operators looking for the right post-processing and data management platform, do not hesitate to contact us!

Internal blade inspection
Very recently, Cornis has successfully tested a new hardware developed internally to perform camera-based internal blade inspections. We’ll tell you more soon but for now we can say that reviewing the inside of your blade will be as easy as with Panoblade!

Cornis meets you all over the world!

Over the last months, we took the time to come directly to you, to listen to your needs and ensure they were answered the best way, whether your blades are in the US, Denmark, Uruguay or Poland.

In May we met with North American clients and partners at the AWEA 2016 event held in New Orleans, USA.  North America is an important area for Cornis, where clients are trained to use Cornis camera system autonomously.
Another part of the world where Cornis is already active: South America. Last August we were glad to come for the first time to the Brazil Wind Power’s event in Rio de Janeiro. It was a great opportunity to meet those of you who contact us directly through and discover the other wind energy players of this region where the wind industry is getting bigger and bigger!
Where to meet next?
- WindEnergy Hamburg, September 27-29th, Hamburg
- Blade Inspection, Damage and Repair Forum, October 10-11th, Amsterdam
- REnewable UK, October 12-13th, Liverpool
- CanWEA Annual Conference and Exhibition, November 1-3rd, Calgary, Alberta


Cornis sponsoring association “Pédiatres du monde” during Paris 20km race

Healthy people make for healthy communities. This year, Cornis is happy to sponsor the voluntary Association Pédiatres du Monde during the Paris race to take place on October 9th.

Pédiatres du Mondes was founded in 1996 to support the solidarity development of Mother and Child health. Volunteers are composed of a variety of medical specialists dedicating their time to implement services and best practices for better information, hygiene and nutrition, especially among under-served populations.

Cornis’ sponsorship and donation to the association during the Paris race will help fund Pédiatres du Mondes' missions across the world.

If you wish to find more information on Pédiatres du Monde, adhere to the association or donate, just click here.

Oh, and will we see you at the Paris race?