Newsletter #9: February 2017 

Cornis, Life cycle, root to tip blade management


Dear clients and partners,

We are happy to start a new year by your side and what a promising year it is! Thanks to you, the launch of our internal blade inspection solution – Intrablade – has been a real success! In only 2 months, already 50 wind turbines were inspected with Intrablade.

Cornis is proud to be among the leading providers for blade O&M data management and inspection solutions. We have moved from Panoblade system to a complete range of tools supporting you whenever and wherever you need a standard, fast and sustainable solution to follow your blades.

Read more below about some of our existing tools: Cornis Panoblade, Cornis Intrablade and Cornis Blade manager!

Please continue challenging us, speaking to us about your un-satisfied needs and requests. It is thanks to your needs and your feed-back that we have and that we will continue to build great products for your blade management needs. 

Cornis Panoblade Inspection… already 5 years old!
Cornis Panoblade Inspection is now adopted by wind industry leaders – operators, turbine manufacturers and independent service providers active in Europe, North America and South America. Fast, precise and standardized, Cornis ground-based system allows to scan the four sides of your blades in a very simple way. We can train your technicians to this technology in one day. After we have done the processing and reporting, you can review and analyze your blades online through Cornis Blade Manager – our web-based platform compliant with all blade data sources.


Today, Panoblade inspection represents:
- 2 500 WTGs;
- 25 countries;
- +1 million images in Cornis web-based platform;
- Thousands of findings identified so you always take the right O&M decisions.

Cornis Intrablade Inspection
First of all, we cannot mention Cornis Intrablade without giving a special thanks to the early adopters who supported us during the initial launch: DONG, EDF, AKUO ENERGY, NATURAL POWER, MHI VESTAS, GE, ADWEN, RES. We also thank in advance the many more users to come!

Internal blade inspections with Intrablade is the perfect addition to Panoblade. Just like some of our clients pointed out, we hope that Cornis Intrablade will become game changer for you as it is for them.                        

Our hardware consists of a 360° HD camera, compatible with all turbines onshore and offshore, no matter their model, size and capacity as long as we have access to the blades’ cavities. Because it is user-friendly and standardized like Panoblade, we will very soon train you to use it autonomously.  

Thanks to a pulley system actioned by a technician in the hub, it is deployed very quickly to scan the inside of your blades’ cavities in a record time – 2-3h hours per turbine only – without technicians having to work inside the blades and all the complexity of confined space work. Furthermore, Intrablade will go deeper than any human can possibly go.

After being processed, your Intrablade data is available online – where Cornis blade experts or yours can navigate inside your blades just like on Google Street View, identify and comment the defects, export PDF and Excel reports, link your Intrablade data with your Panoblade and third-party data, etc.

Cornis Blade Manager: Life cycle, root to tip
blade management

Cornis web-based platform has a new nickname: Cornis Blade Manager! Over the last years, we have switched from an inspection platform to a real web-based data management tool. Our online platform is the centralized location where you can report, analyze and store all your blade data, no matter which data acquisition system you use … Because we know that different inspection and repair methods are used throughout a blade’s lifespan.

Drone data example

For example, if you are performing drone inspections, we can process and integrate your drone data into Cornis blade Manager… just like we do with Panoblade data: reconstructed blades, standard image quality, defects systematically measured and located from the hub.

But this is just the beginning! Cornis Blade Manager can help you plan your inspections from one year to the other, take “repair/not repair decisions”, search a given defect type among your entire fleet, track you repairs and more!
Contact us for more information, we’re confident we have the tool adapted to your O&M blade needs!

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