Life cycle, root to tip blade management

All actors in the wind industry agree to say that today, blade maintenance is critical to ensure wind turbines' full efficiency. When properly maintained, those blades can last 20 to 30 years. It is therefore important to ensure a close follow up all along their life cycle.


Cornis tools and targets

Make onshore and offshore visual wind turbine blade inspections easy to execute, accurate, standardized and cost-efficient.

Allow for the tracking of the blades status over time, no matter the inspection method used nor the supplier involved.

Differentiate the field work, that can be done by any regular technician, from the expertise work performed right online by experts.

Why chose Cornis Blade Inspection technologies?

Cornis solutions are cost-efficient solutions, applicable both onhore and offshore and compatible with all blade inspections methods:

How Cornis Blade Inspection works:

Three simple steps, no matter the methods you use:

1. Picture Acquisition

This first step is performed on the field and consists in collecting you blade data either with your own system (drone or other hardware than the Cornis one) or with your favorite Cornis system: Panoblade, Intrablade.

2. Data Processing

We apply our unique expertise in data processing to your pictures by enhancing the quality of the images and re-building the geoemetry of your blades. Every blade defect will be systematically measured and localized precisely.

3. Reporting et online expertise

Your blade data (suction side, pressure side, leading edge, trailing edge) are accessible directly through Cornis web-based platform. Your blade experts - or our own experts when you call upon them - can now proceed with the online expertise of yout blades, extract reports and deliver consistant information helping you with the management of your blades (PDF reports, excel or JPEGs extacts, etc). You also enjoy all the advatages of a real online data management platform.

A flexible model depending on your needs:


When planning your Panoblade (external) and Intrablade (internal) inspections, Cornis can handle all the steps, onshore or offshore: data acquisition onsite by a Cornis technician + processing and reporting of the data on Cornis web-based platform + online analysis of the defects by a Cornis composite expert.


Train your team and internalize the blade data acquisition process by using your own Cornis inspection system. Cornis will handle the processing and reporting of your data on our platform, no matter the data source. Your data is centralized and easily accessible online for further analysis, either by Cornis experts or by yours.