How Renvico has integrated Cornis solutions into its blade inspection strategy

Since 2001, Renvico has been specialized in wind farms acquisition, development and management.

Today, Renvico numbers are:
  • More than 15 years of experience in France and Italy
  • 194 wind turbines in operation
  • 334MW installed
Convinced that predictive maintenance is key to ensure the optimal performance of its wind farms, Renvico has adopted Cornis blade inspection and data management solutions as early as 2015.
In 3 years, Cornis solutions have allowed a precise follow-up of Renvico’s blades in France, the identification of numerous defect and the repair of 4 blades with critical defects. By choosing Cornis, Renvico has also shortened the duration of its inspection and repair campaigns. Using Cornis Blade Manager platform has also made the integration of inspection data from the OEM and coming from another system possible. Finally, having all their blade data in one central location helps Renvico in their day to day blade management.
Olivier Rouchouze, O&M Manager France explains: “We have wind farms at very different stages. Our oldest farms were built in 2004, the most recent at the end of 2016 and we plan to commission 2 new wind farms in the next months. We inspect the blades right after the commissioning to be sure there were no assembly defects and before the end of warranty period to make sure they are in good condition. More generally blade inspections help us work in good cooperation with maintenance companies and OEMs. We therefore needed a qualitative solution.”

Added value on-site: quality, safety and flexibility…

In 2015, Renvico choose Panoblade ground-based system for the external inspection of their blades. “Inspecting our blades with the Panoblade system, allows to reduce safety risks for our suppliers because we limit the use of rope access or elevating platforms, but without compromising on quality".
To perform the inspections on-site, Renvico decided to call upon Valemo, a company specialized in Operation and Maintenance of wind and solar installations. “We already work with Valemo for different type of Inspections on our wind turbines, so it seemed only natural that their teams - who are Panoblade trained -  handle the inspection of our blades.” explains Olivier Rouchouze.

… completed by the online collaborative platform Cornis Blade Manager

Cornis then manages the complete and interactive geometry reconstruction of the blades in order to highlight the defects. Helped by AI algorithms, a blade expert then reviews all the pictures and makes the blade assessment. After the expertise, Renvico has access to its inspection reports but also to the many features of Cornis Blade Manager platform. “Today's platform is really different from the one we were using in 2015. It is important to know that our customization requests are taken into consideration and integrated.”

Anticipated repair jobs on 4 blades

Thanks to Cornis tools, Renvico optimized and anticipated repair jobs on 4 blades. Olivier Rouchouze: “The quality and the precision of Cornis tools allow us to intervene on defects before they become too serious and require additional repair methods. Some aggravated defects could have led to stopping the turbine longer and cause weeks of production loss.”
For example, a Cornis inspection performed in June 2016 revealed an important lightning strike impact that Renvico decided to repair immediately. Olivier Rouchouze remembers: “By showing the Panoblade report to blade repair companies, we’ve been able to get precise quotes really quickly”.
Expertise done online in June 2016 via Cornis Blade Manager. An important lightning strike impact has been identified on the leading edge of one blade.
Extract of the Panoblade PDF report generated through the Cornis platform for the impacted wind turbine.

Example of a repair done after a Cornis inspection

Pictures of the blade impacted by a lightning strike before the repairs were done by Héliopales – extract from Héliopales repair report.
Pictures of the blade after the repair – extract from Héliopales repair report.
“Cornis' development in the blade inspection market shows that the industry is moving toward innovative inspection solutions. I think this will benefit the whole wind industry”.
Olivier Rouchouze, O&M Manager France Renvico